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Which Mobile Trends That Are Dominating

As a business owner, you wish to stay your finger on the heartbeat of contemporary marketing trends to achieve success. This guide is useful for marketers, app developers, and anyone else who wants to boost their business.

While I’m not saying you would like to use these trends to your own marketing, it’s important you’re responsive to the new technology that’s available and surrounding you. Who knows, maybe you’ll attempt to change your strategy supported this information. I used research from previous years additionally as some recent technological developments to come back up with this list.

These are the highest mobile trends dominating the year to this point. I expect these to continue trending upward.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has penetrated our mobile world. We’re getting one step closer to mobile devices morphing into robots and absorbing the earth. Obviously, I’m kidding. While that day has yet to come back, we are seeing advancements in mobile AI. You will be aware of a number of these:




Google Assistant

All of those are samples of AI that will even be installed on your mobile devices straight away. Additionally to those popular styles of AI, mobile apps are now using software like voice recognition to encourage hands-free use and ultimately optimize the customer experience.AI software is employed to assist developers and marketers learn more about the user. Businesses try to urge more revenue by using this information to form relevant advertisements that concentrate on specific audiences.

Location-Based Technology

Your smartphones and tablets are tracking your location. That’s not a secret. Mobile applications also are tracking your location, along with your permission. Every time you download a replacement app, it requests your permission to use your location. Each time you download a brand new app, you’ll get a notification just like the one seen above.

They need your exact location to attach you with a driver.

But have you ever noticed a rise in apps requesting your location whether or not you don’t think it’s required to use the first function of the app?

They do this to boost their marketing campaigns.

If a business knows where a user is, it can send them targeted ads supported the situation. An example of this is often when an app uses geo fencing technology. Here’s how it works. If an app user walks within some blocks of your location, they’ll receive a notification about your lunch special. We’ve seen a rise during this strategy, and we’ll still see it employed in the longer term.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality takes something that’s real and modifies it.One of the most effective samples of this can be the face filter options on Snapchat. Recently, Instagram implemented this feature as well:Other mobile apps use this strategy to get revenue.Remember when everyone was going crazy about Pokemon Go? The complete premise of that game was supported augmented reality on a mobile device.

Those numbers represent themselves. Supported the success of apps like Pokemon Go, Snapchat, and Instagram, more businesses are trying to include augmented reality into their mobile technology.This will help them create brand awareness, app downloads, engagement, and revenue.

Syncing wearable technology with mobile devices

Wearable technology has become increasingly popular. I’m touching on things like fitness bracelets, smartwatches, healthcare monitors, and glasses. All of them are often paired with mobile apps.Take Fitbit as an example. All the movements of an individual wearing it are often tracked through an app. Users can check their heart rates and the way many miles they walked during a day, among other things.By syncing with mobile devices, these apps may be used socially likewise. People can compare their progress with their friends and make it a contest.

Revenue from Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are making a killing. Just have a look at the jump from 2016 to 2017 in terms of world app revenue: There was a considerable increase in revenue through both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Mobile Devices Syncing With Homes

Mobile apps are being developed to assist improve consumers’ experiences within their own homes. You can find businesses that sync your home air-con and heating with an app. That way, you’ll control temperatures whether you’re home or not. Instead of visiting a central thermostat within the house, you’ll reach your pocket and set everything on your phone.

Home security has been integrated with mobile technology moreover. There are apps that have a video camera synced together with your doorbell so you’ll be able to see who is at your outside door when the bell rings. Home security cameras on the within and outdoors of your home can all be controlled and monitored from mobile devices.

Wearable technology being paired with mobile apps

In 2021 we’ll see a rise of wearable mobile tech. I’m talking about things like:

Smart watches

Fitness bracelets


Healthcare monitors

All of those devices, and more, are paired and used with mobile apps. as an example, study an organization like Fitbit.

Their wearable mobile tech is monitored and accessed through their app. Users can see things like what percentage steps they took in a very day, their rate, and other tractable information.

The idea behind this idea is for the buyer to trace and monitor their fitness and health journey. With the app, it’s easy to check data and the way you’re improving over the course of each day, week, month, or perhaps year.

Cross platform mobile development

Mobile app developers who want to launch their app for Android and iOS devices will start to require advantage of cross platform mobile application development tools. Within the past, businesses were hesitant to launch on both platforms simultaneously thanks to the high costs.

They would must build two completely separate apps. But now, with cross platform mobile development trending upward, it’s easier and more realistic for companies to try and do so.

That’s why we’ll also see a rise within the number of total apps available for download across both stores. This number is directly associated with the overall global app revenue, which we’ve previously discussed.

Virtual reality apps

Earlier we discussed augmented reality apps. But computer game will still grow in 2021 moreover. These are apps that need quite just a smartphone or tablet to control. Users also will wear some style of goggles or helmet. They will even have separate controllers or joysticks paired with mobile tech also. According to Zion research, the world video game market valuation is worth over $26 billion by 2022.

Formation of One Person Company

Once you launch a business, you should also choose the right company structure for your business. This structure will enable business growth and therefore bring in more revenue. However, it’s vital that we first understand the different types of businesses in the country.

One person company or sole proprietorship
Limited liability partnership (LLP)
Private limited company
Public company
A one-person company (OPC) is best suited for people who wish to be solo entrepreneurs. Sole proprietorships, interestingly, offer the same benefit. However, unlike sole proprietorships, an OPC offers limited liability and the status of a separate entity, along with a better standing in the market (increased trust and respect).

To set up an OPC, the following criteria has to be met

The person launching the OPC must be a citizen and resident of India
The individual must have a nominee
There can only be one shareholder and director
The entity must have an average turnover of no more than Rs 2 crore for preceding three years
The authorised capital cannot exceed Rs 50 lakh
Advantages of an one person company registration

It is a legal entity separate from its member
Single member takes all decisions
Other businesses require more than one member
Procedure to Start an OPC registration

Obtaining a DSC: As incorporation is now done online, the director’s signature is needed on electronic documents. To make this possible, the director in the OPC company needs a Class-II Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). This is available from a vendor of any one of the six Certifying Authorities appointed by the MCA, including Tata Consultancy Services, nCode and e-Mudhra. The rates of their vendors could differ vastly. Charges would include the cost of the physical USB token and the certificate itself.
Documents to submit

Hard copy of completed Class-II form
Identity Proof: Self-attested copy of PAN card or, in case of foreign national, copy of Passport
Address Proof: Self-attested copy of (any one) Passport/Election/Voter ID/Ration Card/Driver’s License/Utilities Bill/AADHAR Card
Obtaining a DIN: The Director Information Number (DIN) is how the MCA identifies directors of the company. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply. Citizenship doesn’t matter. This can be done online on payment of Rs 500.
Obtaining a DIN is done in the following way:

Download Form DIR-3 from the MCA website.
Indian and foreign nationals can apply, but there is one difference between the details required: the former would need to provide PAN, while the latter need to provide a Passport number. A soft copy of a Passport-sized photograph is also required. Ensure you don’t make common errors while filling this form.
Identity proof: A soft (scanned) copy of the PAN card or, in the case of foreign national, a passport is required.
Residence proof: A soft (scanned) copy of (any one) Driver’s License/Passport/Voter Card/Ration Card/Utilities Bill/Bank Statement. The last two of these should be no more than two months old. In the case of a foreign national, it should be no older than 12 months.
Search for Company Name: You don’t need to wait for the DIN to begin this process. In fact, given how tricky it can be, it’s best that you start it as soon as you apply for DSC. The reasons are that the name you’ve hoped to get for your company may violate the rules set by the MCA, may have been taken by another company and may conflict with any pre-existing trademarks.
Name approvals: The RoC requires you to submit form names in Form INC-1. Each time you submit this form, you pay Rs1,000. If the names you’ve suggested are rejected the first time, you may resubmit once (within 15 days) at no cost. However, if they’re rejected once more, you would need to pay again.
Drafting MoA and AoA: Once the name is approved, the MCA requires further definition of the proposed company. These will be provided through the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA), which can be drafted by a CS or lawyer. In the MoA, remember to paste the exact Main Objects approved in INC-1. If even a word is changed, the RoC has the power to reject your application.
Filing e-forms: Once this is done, you will need to carry out the final process, which involves submitting the following documents
INC-7, which is the main application for incorporation.
The following documents need to be attested by a full-time CS:
Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association
Declaration of Profession in INC-8
Copy of utility bill no older than two months
Copy of PAN card/Passport
Affidavit from the subscriber to the Memorandum in Form INC-9
Verification of signature of subscribers (Form INC-10, in case company has no share capital)
INC-22, which states the location of the registered office
Proof of registered office address (Conveyance or sale deed, in case property is owned, or rent receipt) Residential or commercial real estate, so long as it is in India No-objection Certificate from owner of the property
DIR-12, which contains information regarding the appointment of the directors and key personnel of the company
Letters of appointment of Directors, CEO, Managers
Declaration by first director in INC-9
Declaration by appointee director and managing director in Form DIR-2
Payment of fees: RoC fees and stamp duty need to be paid at this stage electronically. RoC fees change according to authorised capital fee and stamp duty varies by location. In certain states, such as Punjab and Kerala, it is costlier than in others. You can calculate the fees to be paid on the MCA website.
Verification from RoC: The RoC will verify the documents. If any changes are needed, you will be notified of the required changes. If it’s all clear, you shall receive the certificate of incorporation within 7 to 8 days. On final approval, the Certificate of Incorporation is e-mailed to the directors. The MCA now only issues digital certificates. You can print out the incorporation certificate if you wish.

Learn How Consultation With A Lawyer Can Change Your Everyday Life

Legal protection is imperative for every individual, particularly in the kind of society we are in. In people’s mind consultation with a lawyer is very expensive. However, not a lot people know that Legal Shield Company is around and can arrange and provide legal assistance with a minimal monthly membership fee.There are several areas in our life when we need legal assistance on a every-day bases.

Help in Preparing a Will

In case you are planning to prepare a will to ensure that your properties, assets and stocks are properly distributed to your love ones and to avoid any dispute among the family members, consultation with a lawyer is necessity to properly prepare and execute a will. Every state has its own formal requirements when it comes to writing the Last Will.

However, it is expensive, and this is why we don’t do it. Therefore if you need any assistance in preparing a will, there is a great affordable solution.You can easily contact the company for legal assistance. This will allow you to have peace of mind that your family will be in good hands in case any unfortunate events happen.

Assistance in Purchasing a Home

Purchasing your dream house is an exciting panorama but without the assistance of a solicitor this may lead to a legal minefield. It is liberating to know that there is now a legal protection plan that can guarantee legal assistance in case you plan to buy a home. Consultation with a lawyer who is qualified and experts in all areas pertaining to property law is very important to help you in avoiding any possible problems that may arise.

These lawyers will help you to protect you and your family’s interest in every step of the way. From the time the property developer gives their offer to the time you are getting your house key. The help of a lawyer will allow you to understand the terms in the mortgage, contract and many other concerns. This is particularly needed in cases where the husband and wife, who is purchasing the home, is using joint names and who will be the rightful owner in case any of the couple dies and many other related cases as well.

As a member you can easily gain access for any legal assistance by calling their hot line number. You can easily have protection of your property for your family’s welfare.

Compliance With Legal Requirements When Starting Your Business

Starting a business can be an overwhelming task. You are confronted with a lot of things to do particularly when it comes to legal requirements to start-up a business. Complying with the legal requirement is crucial before anyone can start operating their own business.

Having legal protection is a relief for people who are about to enter a business venture. Regular consultation with a lawyer is needed in every step of the process such as registering the name of the business, setting up the business structure, handling the business license to operate, registering for employment insurance and so on and so forth.

The process of a regular consultation with a lawyer is considered to be an expensive endeavor because the initial process of starting a business requires many legal obligations. Hence, being a member of Legal Shield allows you to have an easy access for any legal concerns that you have. All you need to do is call their toll-free number and you can gain benefits of being a member.

Consultation with a lawyer is not a difficult and overpowering task anymore. With the Legal Shield plan you can have the protection of managing your finances which you can use for your business. Therefore, you can allocate the money for your business and family’s welfare instead of spending a lot of expenses on legal fees.

There are some ways when the ability of having consultation with a lawyer when you need it comes handy in our everyday life. No matter how traumatic or trivial your situation is, everyone can get legal protection now.

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